"As a business owner, Jodie Parry's assistance has been invaluable.

Right from the start and every step of the way she has gone above and beyond my expectations to provide me with direction and expert business and marketing advice. She is a wealth of information on everything from business and marketing to generating free publicity.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level I cannot recommend Jodie highly enough."

Sasha Pharlibay, Success Coach & Business Owner, Australia

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Jodie Parry - Director, Parry Communications

Jodie Parry - Director, Parry Communications

Welcome to my website. My name is Jodie Parry. Over the past 16 years I have solved communication problems for hundreds of businesses around Australia.

With a background in journalism and psychology, I'm a freelance communications specialist with experience in evaluating, devising and delivering strategic campaigns for charitable organisations, government agencies and corporate companies within the health, science, finance, mining, property, retail and IT sectors.

I started my career in the public relations industry as a senior consultant and it wasn't long before I was promoted to head up the WA branch of a major national PR company. I have worked on campaigns for Coca Cola, SOCOG, Westpac, Peet & Co, Lion Nathan, Grant Thorton, Wespine, Spinifex Gold, City of Nedlands and the list goes on. Significantly, one strategic media campaign saw me generate free publicity worth well over $50,000 for the Swan Brewery.

I went on to manage the PR division at a non-for-profit organisation, implementing a new brand and positioning strategy which achieved phenomenal results, as measured by management and stakeholders.

During this time, I broadened my communications skill base to include direct marketing, referral systems, testimonials and database building. What I didn't realise is that these new skills, in combination with my existing skills, would see my life change.

I have now established Parry Communications, a company dedicated to fulfilling the communication needs of my valued business clients, so they get noticed in the marketplace.

Using a combination of my skills in public relations, direct marketing and lead generation I achieve incredible results for my clients. This has convinced me that I'm onto a winning formula for helping businesses bring in profits.

What's exciting about Parry Communications is that it's built on a foundation of success and can take your business to the next level.