Media Release Templates

Generate publicity with these ready-to-go media release templates

DIY Media Training Kit

Skilfully deal with media and protect your company's reputation


Your business will benefit from clever communication techniques incorporating these key services, to generate impact and get your brand noticed:


Communicate your strategy and positioning to help drive your business forward. Ensure your company branding reflects your messages effectively, including your unique selling difference (USD), in all your publications.


Use promotional activities to create a strong public image of your company. PR activities include helping the public to understand the background and mission of your business, while conveying information about your products or services. When done properly, public relations can reach a large proportion of your audience without the expensive cost of traditional advertising.


Get your message across clearly and concisely, while getting your brand noticed. Direct marketing maximises your impact and puts cash in your pocket with clever copywriting, while using referral systems, testimonials and database building.


To generate publicity means having a third party relay your company messages at no cost to you, which adds credibility to your brand. Understanding how media works and how to get publicity is vital in achieving your outcomes.

  • Media Releases
  • Media Briefings
  • Media Launches
  • Established Media Contacts
  • Proactive Publicity
  • Media Monitoring


Arm yourself with the tools so you feel confident when talking with the press. You'll learn what messages to relay and how to handle difficult interview questions with proficiency and ease. Don't face the media alone; ensure you are armed with all the knowledge that puts you in the driver's seat. We'll look at theory first then you'll get put to the test with mock interviews in front of the camera.


A great way to reach your stakeholders is to host an event that makes an impact the first time, with correct brand positioning and targeted messages.


To have an online presence means you have a global reach in the marketplace. A good website caters for the needs of your stakeholders, is user friendly and turns visitors into long-term users.

  • Site Planning
  • Content
  • Sales Maximisation
  • Branding
  • Site Navigation